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Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla
I like her design as Super Saiyan 2, so let's begin with the episode summary! (yes i know... it's tuesday and i'm late for this)

                       Episode 093
  You're the 10th Warrior! Goku Visits Freeza!!

Everyone is shocked to hear Goku suggest they recruit Freeza as the 10th team member. Goku has heard from Dende that Freeza’s spirit is still in Hell; he still hasn’t reformed and been purified (which is a real hassle for Enma Daio). But Goku doesn’t plan on resurrecting him with the Dragon Balls. Instead, he can just ask Uranai Baba to bring him back for 24 hours, like she did for him and Vegeta.

Shin protests that Freeza surely won’t be cooperative, but Goku thinks he will, if the alternative is their universe being destroyed. Vegeta is confident that they don’t need Freeza’s help to win the tournament, so Goku asks Whis about their chances. Though Whis isn’t that informed about the other universes, he has heard that there is a universe with a God of Destruction even stronger than Beerus…and a mortal even stronger than that God of Destruction (Beerus retorts that he merely lost to that God of Destruction at arm-wrestling one time).

Hearing this, Kuririn thinks that perhaps they do need Freeza after all. Besides, Goku is sure that if Freeza tries to backstab them, he and Vegeta can put a stop to it. With that settled, Goku teleports off to Enma Daio’s place so he can go talk to Freeza directly (nearby, a strange man with a hat watches him leave). At Emna Daio’s place in the afterlife, Goku informs him about the upcoming tournament and his desire to recruit Freeza. Enma agrees to let Uranai Baba revive Freeza for 24 hours, but requests that if Freeza goes on a rampage, Goku take care of him someplace other than Earth (that way, Enma won’t have to deal with him).

Over in Universe 6, Caulifla is still having trouble getting Kale to become a Super Saiyan. Though Kale is convinced she doesn’t have it in her, Caulifla tells her to concentrate her power in the middle of her back. Caulifla and Cabba both show off the transformation for Kale, but Kale still can’t manage it. Next Caulifla explains the process in more depth: anger can also trigger the transformation! She tries to insult Kale to set her off, but her heart’s just not in it. After all, Kale is her precious protégé!

Caulifla has Cabba try insulting Kale, but she gets mad at him when he causes Kale to cry. Kale continues to cry, feeling useless and like a burden to Caulifla, and her feelings cause her to transform at last. Except…Kale’s Super Saiyan transformation is a little different. She becomes incredibly big and muscular, and her ki rises so much that Cabba gets worried. The transformation complete, Kale points at Cabba and tells him that she’ll finish him off first.

In Universe 4, the God of Destruction Quitela listens to a report from his spy Ganos (the strange man with the hat from earlier). Quitela is amused to hear that Beerus is apparently so hard up for warriors that he’s forced to recruit from among the dead, but Ganos is worried that this dead warrior might be a threat to their universe, since the people in U7 talked about him like he was quite formidable. Now Quitela wants to hear more about this warrior.

Back in the afterlife, an ogre drives Goku out to Freeza’s personal Hell (the field of flowers previously seen in Resurrection “F”). Goku goes up and greets Freeza, who is still in a cocoon hanging from a tree. While Goku doesn’t think this field looks so bad, Freeza claims that for him this is the worst Hell of all. Goku offers to get Freeza out of there for 24 hours, but Freeza is suspicious.

In Universe 6, Caulifla is amazed at Kale’s unleashed power, but Cabba is having a hard time as Kale rampages around. Cabba speculates that seeing him and Caulifla getting along has caused Kale to lose it, so Caulifla tells Kale to not get the wrong idea: she’s not the sort of woman to “fall” for Cabba so easily. Hearing this, Kale calms down and reverts to her base form. Caulifla catches the unconscious Kale, and is glad to see that they’ve found a great new team member (Cabba seems a bit more nervous).

In Hell, Goku cuts Freeza down from the tree. While Freeza is interested to hear about the Tournament of Power, he at first refuses to enter. Goku calmly accepts this and starts to leave, but Freeza says he was only joking. He promises to enter, but on one condition: if they win the tournament and their universe survives, Goku must use the Dragon Balls to wish Freeza back to life.

While Goku is reluctant to accept that condition, Freeza assures him that he will grow even stronger, and he wants to spar with Goku again sometime. Surely Goku wants to see his further evolution? Goku is impressed at Freeza’s skill in taking advantage of his weakness (his desire to fight strong opponents). He tells Freeza that the top warrior in the tournament will receive the Super Dragon Balls as a reward, so Freeza can win those and use them to revive himself.

However, Freeza points out that even if their team wins, he might not be the team member to win the Super Dragon Balls. With that in mind, he is content to just use the Earth’s Dragon Balls. Goku agrees, though gathering them might take a while. Freeza is disappointed to hear that the tournament rules forbid killing one’s opponent, but he’ll have to make do.

With that, Goku leaves Hell and goes to see Uranai Baba. She has already heard from Enma Daio about Goku’s idea. While she is not happy about having to bring back someone as bad as Freeza, the circumstances leave her little choice. Goku offers her his button for summoning Omni-King as a reward, but she doesn’t want it; it’s too dangerous! Goku promises to get her something else, and takes off. Meanwhile, in Universe 4, Quitela has come up with a perfect plan for taking down Universe 7…

Only an hour and a half remains until the Tournament of Power.
Goku And Caulifla
They're going to crush everyone in Tournament of Power! I love Caulifla a lot... ♥ my favorite DBS character so far now...

Lineart By: Tsutomo Ono
Color By: Me


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